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Is Christina Aguilera Holding A Gut Full Of Human… Again??!!

Christina Aguilera performed last night at the American Music Awards, and looked anything but in shape. The pictures look like she’s carrying around a gut full of human…again!! Christina recently filed for divorce back in October from Jordan Bratman. So the real question is, whose the baby daddy?? The way she was grindin’ on old [...]

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Would You Hit It?

Ladies, check out this scintillating piece of man-meat, otherwise known as the great fashion designer Roberto Cavalli… As we gazed upon him in his miniscule trunks, we couldn’t help but to ask ourselves Would You Hit It?

Clearly this PYT…

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Embarrassing Moments In Black Manhood: Who Looked More Busted?

For a moment there we thought that the invite for GQ’s “Men of the Year” Party must have read: Ridiculous Get Up Required… But considering most of the photographers thought Omarion was Brandon T. Jackson we’re betting he didn’t have an invite to begin with. Both of these looks are pretty bad, but between Omarion [...]

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Yuck! Guess This “Donked Out” Bikini Body

This young lady was spotted on the beach with her bikini body and “cakes” on full blast…Can you guess who it is???

SMH. It’s lil pwt-pop-starlet Ke$ha in a kini.

Poor thang..

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SMH: Hide Your Wigs, Hide Your Blackface… Racist A*s Antoine Dodson Costumes Posted On Facebook

We had a bad feeling Antoine Dodson was going to have a big year in the Halloween costume department this year,but we had no idea there were so many dumba*ses out there who didn’t get the memo that BLACK FACE is in extremely poor taste. Sheeeet, even the ones that weren’t blackface still did a [...]

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Man Refuses To Perform Oral Sex Because Of Horrible Vaginal Odor, Threatened With Knife

A West Virginia woman was arrested for threatening to cut two men with a knife after both refused to perform oral sex on her because of her horrible vaginal odor. According to police, Melissa Williams, 41, of Fairplain, WV was intoxicated when she stumbled into her estranged husband’s motel room at the I-77 Inn and [...]

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Where Are My Parents? And Do They Know I’ve Lost My Damn Mind?

This free promotion of major brands on your body sh*t has got to stop! Especially for $3 killer malt liquor. If you think this girl’s hood nails are bad, check out the ratchedness below.

WTF where you thinking??? Stop trying to assimilate the h…

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