Nevin Shapiro: SEC Schools Tied to Miami Football Scandal Will Dodge Bullets

Nevin Shapiro's allegations have caused quite a stir in the college football world, and the ACC isn't the only conference affected. 

The SEC has ties to Shapiro, but it is nothing too severe, which means their dodging a huge bullet. The Hurricanes are going to be hit hard once the NCAA finished their investigation, and the SEC schools named in the  Yahoo! Sports report will avoid any big sanctions. 

Alabama, Florida, and Georgia were all mentioned in the report, but it's nothing like what is going on with Miami.

A few Alabama coaches that used to coach for Miami were linked to Shapiro, and a couple of players from Florida and Georgia were given recruitment pitches by Shapiro.

Jeff Stoutland and Joe Pannunzio of Alabama were accused by Shapiro of steering recruits his way, and current Florida wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill was allegedly with Shapiro while he showed recruits his mansion and his yacht.  

Florida wide receiver Andre Debose and Georgia tight end Orson Charles are the two SEC players mentioned in the report. Both were recruited by Miami, and they had interactions with Shapiro.

Shapiro claims that Debose was with Ray-Ray Armstrong and Dyron Dye at his house, and that Charles also had impermissible contact with him at his house. 

None of this is too serious, which means these SEC schools aren't in big trouble. Alabama is the only one that could face program violations, but it just deals with those two coaches meaning they will not be hurt too much.

Nobody knows what will happen to Debose or Charles, but it appears the punishment won't be to harsh. The NCAA still has to do some digging, which means everything is pure speculation at this point and until more is found out it's tough to say what will happen.  

There's only a few weeks until the college football season begins, and because there are also current Miami players that allegedly received benefits some kind of action will be taken prior to the season.

Up to 12 Miami players were listed by Shapiro, and the NCAA will have to make a decision as to whether or not these players and the ones from the SEC are eligible to play this season.

-Eric Bowman

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