MMA: 10 Fighters Who Might Be Able To Derail the Jon Jones Hype Train

No one in MMA is truly unstoppable, but sometimes, some guys, really look unstoppable.  Jon “Bones” Jones is one of those guys.

Jones made his professional debut in 2008 and had fought in four UFC fights by the end of 2009.  That is progress with an unheard of precedent. 

The momentum didn’t slow there.  Jones headlined his two fights in 2010, and absolutely blew his opposition out of the water.

His stand-up is flashy and unpredictable.  His wrestling is versatile and explosive.  Even his Brazilian jiu-jitsu game is coming along nicely and proven more advanced than most of his wrestling contemporaries.  

So can Jones be stopped?  Hypothetically.

It looks like Jones has no weaknesses, but we don’t know if can grapple against a more seasoned jiu-jitsu practitioner.  He also seemed to slow down late in his fight against Bonnar, so maybe his cardio is something that could be exploited.

Here are 10 fighters who might be able to derail the Jon Jones hype train.

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