MLB 2011 Roster Callups: Toronto Blue Jays Set to Give David Cooper a Long Look

There is an old saying in life—you just can't keep a good man down—and those words would absolutely apply when talking about Toronto Blue Jays first base prospect David Cooper.

Cooper has completely torn up pitching in the Pacific Coast League, hitting .375 with nine HR, 95 RBI, 49 doubles, a .991 OPS and just 40 strikeouts against 60 walks.

Those eye-boggling numbers are really just too good to pass up, and Cooper will most likely be given his shot to prove to the Jays that he can sustain those numbers at the major league level.

Cooper did get a look with the Jays back in late April-early May, stumbling out of the blocks to a .121 average. However, 13 games is a small sample size, and Cooper should get an extended look come Sept. 1.

With the possibility that current first baseman Adam Lind could slide into the DH role, the first base job is Cooper's to lose, and he will have one month to show he can indeed transition his game to the major league level.

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