Michigan State Loses Hoops Recruit to Something More Important Than Basketball

On Friday, Michigan's Mr. Basketball Dwuan Anderson informed Michigan State University that he will not be playing for them in the upcoming season.

Before Michigan State fans get upset, you need to know the whole story.

Missing a shooting guard isn't a worry right now for Tom Izzo or anyone else in Sparty Nation.

Losing the opportunity to play for a top tier team isn't the big concern for Anderson. It's Anderson's recovery in struggling with the loss of his mother that's the big worry right now.

Unfortunately last March the close knit family lost his mother after years of battling illness, leaving Dwuan crushed ever since. Dwuan, who released a statement on Friday after his announcement, had this to say:

“The last two years have been a very rough time for me, as I’ve had to deal with some personal tragedies, including the sickness and death of my mother,” Anderson said in a statement released by MSU. “I’ve been in counseling as I attempt to cope with these issues, and I plan to undergo further counseling. I want to get all my personal issues in order before moving on to the next stage of my life."

What Anderson is doing is showing everyone that there are indeed more important things in life than sports. It's an exemplary action by this young man to take some needed time off to refocus after losing someone so dear to him.

Anderson would love to play for Michigan State just as much as the next player and said that he enjoyed the time he spent in the summer, but the personal struggles are understandably too much for him to bear at the moment.

His basketball future remains uncertain right now, and odds are very few people will know his intentions for a while. Head coach Tom Izzo urges the media to “respect the privacy of Dwaun and his family during this difficult time," a wish that the Anderson's hope to get granted. 

MSU may not know if they will ever see Anderson on the court, but for the time being the community only cares to see Anderson get better in his time away from school and basketball. Fans and well wishers from around the nation have been sending Anderson support on story comments and message boards throughout the nation. 

Losing a recruit for a year is unfortunate, but not if they are dismissing themselves to cope with a huge loss.

The Andersons can use all the help they can get, and knowing that they have the full support of the Spartan family and the rest of college basketball should help Dwuan in his recovering process.

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