Michigan Football 2011: Will Defenses Figure Out Denard Robinson Early?

Denard Robinson is one of college footballs most electrifying and exciting players. He breaks all kinds of records and his 1,702 rushing yards last season is just ridiculous.

In his first two seasons at Michigan Robinson has thrown for over 2,500 yards and 20 touchdowns. But it's feet that are most impressive as he has over 2,000 rushing yards and 19 touchdowns in that department. He is a quarterback.

Question is, will defenses start to figure him out?

Last season was Robinson's first season as a starter, so there will be a lot more film on him to try and prepare. Before last season he only threw the ball 31 times and rushed for 61 attempts. Take a full season and the defense has plenty of different looks and can come up with more ways to stop him.

You will never completely shut down a player that is athletic as Robinson is, he is going to make plays. But you can contain him and the way you do that is pressure. He wants to run, he is not a very good passer. He's thrown 15 interceptions to his 20 passing touchdowns, that's not very good.

He wants to run, so defenses will pressure him and hit him hard. Nothing rattles a quarterback more after they have taken a few licks.

Defenses will begin to figure Robinson out but the problem is a lot of teams on their schedule don't have the right players to get the job done.

This question should have a better answer when week two arrives and they square off against Notre Dame.

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