Madden 12: 3 Pitiful Quarterbacks Who Ruin Great Madden Offenses

There are plenty of bottom feeder teams with bad quarterback situations, but even more depressing are the great Madden teams who are close to useless because of the lackluster quarterback under center.

Madden especially hard this year on a few veteran quarterbacks in particular. Here are three quarterbacks who ruin perfectly good Madden teams.

Jason Campbell

Jason Campbell is the only problem the Raiders have offensively in Madden. They have the fastest group of skill position players in the league and Darren McFadden is unstoppable for people who utlize him correctly. If Campbell had better than a 78 throw accuracy, that would certainly help matters.

Alex Smith

Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, Braylon Edwards and Frank Gore give the 49ers unlimited possibilities offensively. Throw speed merchants Ted Ginn Jr, Kyle Williams and Ronald Johnson into the mix and the 49ers have one of the best group of weapons in all of Madden.

Put Alex Smith behind center and their offense is forgettable. Kaepernick is already better in Madden, dwarfing Smith's throw accuracy and rivaling his accuracy. Leaving Smith in the game is a liability in Madden 12.

Chad Henne

Any Madden offense that has Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall in it is great. Combine that with the fact that the Dolphins are solid up front and they have Davone Bess on the other side and Miami is in business, right?

Not quite. The Dolphins have one of the very worst starting quarterbacks in the league. Chad Henne can bomb the ball, but his accuracy is heinous. That's a lethal Madden combination that will render players frustrated to no end.

--Kyle Vassalo