LeBron James: 5 Things the Miami Heat Star Can Learn from Magic Johnson

When LeBron James joined the Miami Heat, we had a strong belief that he could actually turn out to be the Magic Johnson of his new team.

The both of them played well at running the point and also had height and physical advantages at the position when they did run it. It would have also been a better situation for the Heat as well if James would have run the point since the Heat didn't have too many options for the position next to Mario Chalmers, Carlos Arroyo and Eddie House. With James running the point, the team would have an advantage over any point guard and it wouldn't have been close.

It would have been an ideal situation for James and the Heat as James was already known as the primary ball handler and offensive facilitator in his time with Cleveland. James would have ran the point and looked more for open opportunities for his teammates rather than attempting to score on every possession. It would have worked out well since Dwyane Wade has a similar playing style to James and it would have kept the lane open for Wade to attack more without the threat of James attacking on every possession.

Johnson and James surely are not the same player and never will be. But it doesn't mean that LeBron can't learn a thing or two from Magic. James could be considered the next Johnson if he can run the point effectively or just play with the same mentality and confidence that the Laker came out with on a nightly basis.

It's going to be a long offseason; maybe James should get in touch with him and take some notes.

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