LA Lakers: Weaknesses Darius Morris Must Fix to Be a Part of Team’s Future

Darius Morris was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers as the 41st pick in the second round of the 2011 NBA Draft.

Since then, numerous Lakers fans have applauded the pick and many believe that Morris can be the organization’s future at point guard.

However, it’s certainly possible that all of this hype will be meaningless in the end. There is a reason why Morris was still available in the second round of one of the weakest draft classes in NBA history: his weaknesses counteract some of his strengths.

While it is true that Morris was one of the purest point guards in the draft, as evidenced by his 6.7 APG average this past year, he still lacks a lot of experience. His lack of experience could potentially counteract his great court vision.

Morris is 20 years old and he only played two years at the University of Michigan.

The point guard position is probably the most important in basketball because they dictate the flow of the game. Thus, point guards need plenty of experience to gain this quality.

It would have been beneficial to Morris to stay in college for an extra year to improve his court vision and become a better point guard. In addition, the fact that the NBA may have a lockout next year is detrimental to Morris’ development.

Morris could have stayed in college, gained experience, and improved, but instead this upcoming year may be a waste. Fortunately, Morris’s lack of experience can be fixed.

Players such as Derrick Fisher, Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom can help nurture Morris’ talents and teach him the professional game. If this becomes a reality, Morris’s adjustment to the NBA may be smoother despite his inexperience.

In addition to a lack of experience, Darius Morris also lacks a reliable outside jump shot—he shot only 25 percent from the three point line in college. To be an elite point guard, an outside jump shot is crucial, especially for a player like Morris.

In the NBA, Morris may have trouble attacking the basket at will because of his lack of great athleticism and explosiveness, which is why it is vital that he add a jump shot to his offensive arsenal.

If Morris remedies these weaknesses by practicing and learning from experienced NBA players—and it appears he’ll have plenty of time due to the lockout—he may be starter in the NBA very soon.

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