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LA Lakers: Throwback Jerseys Give Celtics Game a Historic Feel

LA Lakers: Throwback Jerseys Give Celtics Game a Historic Feel

While the Lakers didn’t decide to bring back their short shorts look from a few years ago against the Celtics, they did dust off the 80s and 90s era jerseys today against Boston.

Honestly, the only thing that makes this historic rivalry better is the old school look. The green of the Celtics and the gold of the Lakers both look fantastic on the floor of Staples Center.

I can understand that the Lakers wanted to update their look in 2000, and their success in the more modern jerseys is undeniable, but I think Los Angeles needs to go back to this look.

Now I am not one to say that the jerseys that the Lakers wear will dictate their success but if I am a businessman I know that I can make a ton of merchandise money by going back to the throwback look.

Everyone that already has a Laker jersey would buy a new one to match the change. I also think they simply look better than the newer look.

I am not a fashion guru and this might sound silly but I am a big fan of the waistband on the shorts. Instead of just a simple waistband it is the same material as the trim on the rest of the jersey.

Are the jerseys going to affect the outcome of this game? No. But do they make it more aesthetically pleasing? Absolutely.

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