Jets vs. Texans Monday Night Football: Analyzing the Jets Starters

On defense, the Jets have had no problem stopping the Texans run game.  In the first two drives, the Jets held the Texans to 13 yards rushing and 11 receiving yards.  During these two drives, the Jets have been able to pressure the Texans a lot more with their linebackers and defensive lineman.  What has been allowing the Jets to do so is the Texans offensive scheme tonight, which has been loading up the line with tight ends. 

Because the Jets have two great cornerbacks in Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie, they did not have much to worry about when it came to the passing game.  Towards the end of the first quarter, Matt Schaub began to expose the Jets second year cornerback Kyle Wilson who did not play too well but got lucky when the receivers he was covering dropped passes.

Meanwhile, Mark Sanchez and the offense did a good job of moving the ball with quick drop passes and quality runs.  One of the key plays in the Jets playbook last year was having their wide outs run slants, the Jets brought the play back and Sanchez dumped the ball off to Santonio Holmes for a first down.

In the few plays Derrick Mason was involved in, he looked like he was a good acquisition by the Jets after all.  He and Sanchez linked up for a screen pass that went for a medium gain and a few comeback routes.  His speed does not seem to be an issue and as long as he stays healthy, Mason will turn out to be a good replacement for Jericho Cotchery.

For a preseason game after a 136 day lockout, the Jets starters looked pretty good.  Their offensive line is facing some struggles but other than that the offense is on the up and up.  It comes as no surprise that the defense was in lock-down mode from the first snap as they have been ranked third or better in the NFL since 2009.  They were able to keep the Texans out of the red zone as their only points came from a 49 yard field goal early in the second quarter.  Stay tuned for more analysis and developments as the game goes on.

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