Jerry Sloan: What Went Wrong With Head Coach and Utah Jazz?

Jerry Sloan Had Enough Of Deron Williams and Upper Management 

The Utah Jazz as you may have known them are now dead. The team that epitomized teamwork and cohesion has fallen victim to the new era of sports ethics.

The new athlete wants to win but they want to win their way. They want to be the best at their position and the accolades that come with such a feat. It is no longer enough to be victorious. You have to be acknowledged.

The days of sacrifice in Utah are now over.

Jerry Sloan has seen enough. He is packing up his pick and roll and 23-year career and going home. The head coach is expected to resign his post as head coach of the Utah Jazz Thursday. The decision comes on the heels of a dust-up he had with point guard Deron Williams. 

Sloan called a play for the Jazz in the closing moments of the first half in their Wednesday game against the Chicago Bulls. Deron Williams took exception and ran his own play. The result was a heated discussion at halftime. 

That then lead to a 30 minute post game wrap-up with Jerry Sloan, general manger Kevin O'Connor, and owner Greg Miller. 

It seems that Sloan took exception to the new direction of the team. It may very well have been a 'him or me' decision when it came to Sloan and Deron Williams. The 2010-2011 season has seen the player and coach become more and more distant from one another.

The last vestige of team first, has now fallen. The team that stood out more for what the coach's beliefs were rather that the roster they boasted will slowly turn into what every NBA team is now. No matter who takes over in the future, the Jazz will now be ruled by players first.

I hope you are ready Utah. If you need advice, ask the Heat or Hornets fans how to play this one out.I never thought I would say this, but I miss John Stockton and Karl Malone.   

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