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Jerry Sloan: An End to All That Jazz

Jerry Sloan has announced he is resigning as head coach of the Utah Jazz. The announcement marked end of Sloan's 23-year run as Jazz head coach.

He was the longest tenured coach in American professional sports. In fact he has been the only coach of the Utah Jazz for the entire life of 40 NBA players. His 1221 wins is good enough for third all-time among NBA coaches.  

The announcement came after the Jazz lost on Wednesday to the Chicago Bulls. Source told ESPN that during the loss Deron Williams ignored a play Sloan had called and ran his own instead. This comes after reports of recent friction between the two.

After the game Sloan met with GM Kevin O'Connor. While Sloan or the club has not given an official reason, It is not hard to put two and two together and see that Sloan told O'Connor it was Williams or him.

It looks like the club is choosing Williams, and the Jazz are now treading on thin ice. It is always a dangerous proposition to hand over the asylum to the lunatics.

Former assistant and now interim head coach, Tyrone Corbin, is going to have a hard time getting Williams to listen to anything he has to say.

Whatever the reasons are the Jazz are forced to part ways with one of the games great coaches. The level of consistency Sloan was able to maintain, on a small market team, despite the departure of Hall of Fame players over the course of his career is one of sports great coaching achievements.

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