Jackie Robinson: Legend Will Finally Get a Modern Retelling of His Story

Jackie Robinson Will Have Much Needed Biopic Made in His Honor

Many of you went out and saw the wildly popular Hangover 2 last weekend. The studio behind that gem, Legendary Pictures, is not about to pigeon hole themselves into comedy buddy pics.

That studio is teaming up with the Jackie Robinson estate to deliver a much needed modern biopic on the legend.

The film will be penned and directed by Brian Helgeland. Helgeland was behind the Oscar-winning screenplay of L.A. Confidential.

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I have always wondered why there was not a modern retelling of this wonderful man's life. There was of course the 1950's movie The Jackie Robinson Story. The movie featured the Dodgers great playing himself.

Since that time, Hollywood has been mum on Jackie Robinson and he remarkable journey from UCLA, through the Negro Leagues and on his way to immortality.

Robinson was a six-time All-Star, Rookie of the Year winner and World Series Champion. What he will be best known for is breaking the color barrier in sports.

That fact saw him traverse the majors through a ring of fire and hatred. He came out as sports hero on the other side.

His story is long overdue in the modern era. I can't wait for more details to come forward.

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