Is This The Reason Matt Barnes & Gloria Govan Still Haven’t Jumped The Broom???

Candy Deep Throat Matt Barnes

This class act was unleashed onto our common consciousness yesterday, thanks to Matt Barnes. Her name is Candy Deep Throat, and she is a self-professed man-eater… literally.

In between pimping herself on Twitter and Faceboo, Candy spent the day putting Matt on blast via Twitter yesterday and gave Gloria Govan‘s baby daddy a whole new persona in our eyes: he’s a loon! And we really can’t understand how his Twitter life is so poppin’! Constantly being attacked by “haters” and people trying to his and Glo’s “happy home”? We had no clue!!

Of course Matt says Candy made their whole little thrist up and went so far as to make up text messages. We can’t imagine why a chick would go through all of that for the Lakers’ the D-Lister, when the NBA has so many higher profiled thirst buckets… Unless Matt put her up to it…

Whether it’s true or not, it was pure comedy. Flip the page to see the tweets.

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