In The Social Network Race FaceBook Is The Fastest

Despite a few outages in the past few months, Facebook continues to zip along as the fastest social network in terms of average response time for the site, according to a report by web analytics company AlertSite.

During this latest third quarter (July 1 to September 30), Facebook shaved 0.02 seconds off its second quarter average response time, down to 1 second. The social network retains its status as the fastest social network for the second consecutive quarter, the report says.

And how did those other web-services-formerly-known-as-social-networks Twitter and Myspace fare? Coming in the last two spots in the report, respectively, Twitter had an average response time of 2.93 seconds, and Myspace, 3.61 seconds.

But Twitter’s performance saw a significant increase — more than 35% — over the last quarter, says the report, earning “most improved” among the social networks studied.

The chart below (courtesy of AlertSite) shows how the rest, including YouTube and LinkedIn, stacked up:

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