Heavyweight GP Quarterfinal: Andrei Arlovski Vs. Sergei Kharitonov

Kevin Mulhall was reffing this one.


Arlovski hit first and he had Sergei hurt early in the bout.  The fight went a bit back and forth, but even the casual fan who probably has never heard of Andrei could tell he was getting the early edge.


Sergei came back with a hell of a fury though, and Josh Barnett's call came true, as Sergei pulled out the win over The Pitbull.


Frank Shamrock said maybe Andrei should call it a career, but I'm not ready to see him call it a career yet  -- he just needs to analyze this fight and get his groove back in order to journey back to relevance.


Seems foolish to ask who Sergei should get next, as both of his potential opponents were in the crowd tonight.


The fourth first-round finish of the night comes from The Russian Mercenary and I have to buy that he's likely a dark horse in this tournament.


Was he worried about the finish at any time?


He was nervous, but he said he respected Andrei and hopes they become friends after this.


Friends come in the sport, but it ain't easy -- and Sergei calls out the experts who think he's a dark horse, but it's irrelevant at this point because he got the win over a man he did respect.


The fight ends with the stats showing how much more effective Sergei wound up being... and a promo for Showtime Championship Boxing, with the Boxing plug ending with a mention of Miguel Cotto-Ricardo Mayorga and a Pacquiao vs. Mosley plug.

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