HBO’s Next Boxing Super Star: Nonito the "Filipino Flash” Donaire

After just five minutes and twenty five seconds of boxing, “The Filipino Flash” Nonito Donaire (25-1-18) leapt in the air in celebration as he did what he knew he could do and dropped veteran boxing champion Fernando Montiel.

I watched the bout with nervous anticipation; I respected Donaire but wondered if he was ready for this stage and, more importantly, a powerful veteran fighter who has no quit in him.

With unbridled confidence Donaire raced to the center of the ring at the opening bell and took control of the fight, something I believed he wasn’t apt to do against the hard punching Montiel.

However as he said he would do, Donaire went toe-to-toe with Montiel looking for his knockout.

In round one, a solid left-right combination landed unimpeded on Montiel and I immediately knew this wasn’t going to end well for Fernando.

Donaire’s victory over Montiel was a tide-turning moment for the naysayers like me but for Donaire and the millions of fans who always knew he was destined for greatness, Saturday night was a culmination of faith and perseverance.

So what’s next for Donaire?  You name it. 

With fellow country man Manny Pacquiao now with Showtime and Floyd Mayweather Jr. inactive, Nonito has no one to share the HBO stage with.

Some may contend that Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is set to have a break out year but he’s several fights way from delivering the type of stoppage against quality opposition like Donaire did not only against Montiel but also against Sydorenko.

Being at the top of HBO Boxing isn’t just about popularity; it’s about making incredible match-ups and delivering unfathomable displays of athleticism.

It’s also about generating pay-per-view dollars. 

Even though Donaire destroyed the Mexican veteran, Mexican boxing fans will support Donaire for the way he chose to fight Montiel which had parallels to a Manny Pacquiao fight.

For all the reasons above and more I now believe Donaire is more than capable of shouldering the burden that comes with boxing stardom validated by his comments with Max Kellerman.

When asked what he planned to do next, Nonito simply stated he is ready for any challenge at Bantam and Super Bantamweight.

Maybe he's even ready for the talent loaded 126 featherweight division.

A move like that could potentially pit Donaire against Juan Manuel Lopez or Yuriorkis Gamboa, both very powerful pugilists in the 126 weight class. What an exciting prospect!

This young man exudes confidence and made an unbelievable statement—Donaire, HBO’s Boxing Super Star.

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