Green Bay Preseason Review: Does Game Against Colts Confirm Super Bowl Hangover?

Although it may only be preseason, it is still commonly called the "dress rehearsal" for the season. If that's the case, then Green Bay seriously needs to pick it up. They could potentially face a Super Bowl hangover if they aren't already, and the only half-decent victory they've had so far this preseason is at home against the Cards.

Everyone who has faced the Packers so far seem to be giving their absolute best, and it's showing.

The Cleveland Browns Quarterback Colt McCoy threw for 135 yards against the Packers, and Green Bay's offense never really took off until the no-huddle offense came in.

Against the Arizona Cardinals, it was a similar story. Kevin Kolb was effective against Green Bay's secondary, and the Packers offense never showed up until the no-huddle offense came in.

Against the Colts, it's gotten a little better, but also a little worse.

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