Eric Lindros and the 10 Best Players Whose Careers Were Derailed by Injury

Ask people the what the worst thing about hockey is, and the majority of them will tell you that the injuries a lot of the players suffer are too common and can really affect a persons lifestyle once they retire. 

From permanent knee injuries to back problems, there are many players who must retire early and suffer well past their playing days. One of the biggest hot topics in hockey right now is concussions, and what can be done to prevent them.

Many wonder just how dominant Eric Lindros could have been if he didn't suffer numerous hits to the jaw while cutting through centre ice with his head down. What kind of stats would Bobby Orr have put up with two healthy knees? How about Pavel Bure? Could Mario Lemieux have beat some of Gretzky's records without his nagging hip and back injuries?

Unfortunately, we will never know. In this list I count down the top ten players who either had their careers cut short due to injury or just suffered from diminished skill due to their nagging problems. 

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