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Dynastic Dreams: Can Ted Thompson’s Green Bay Packers Pulverize Parity to Pulp?

With the way free agency is designed to keep parity rampant throughout the NFL, speculating that a franchise has even a remote chance of developing into a dynasty would be inane. Or would it?

Through this novel idea of building through the NFL draft, the Packers seem to have found a way to beat the modern day system, and they have Ted Thompson to praise for it. Instead of spending the team's payroll on big-name free agents, Thompson has decided to build a team the "correct way," and it's already paying dividends.

Because of Thompson's brilliance, the Packers are now sitting at the pinnacle of the NFL, hoisting the Lombardi Trophy for the fourth time, which has been long overdue. The scariest part? They are the second-youngest team in the league and despite the vast amount of injuries this team dealt with in 2010, they still managed to become world champions.

Just two days after the Super Bowl, Ted Thompson was already preparing for the 2011 NFL draft. This would be surprising, but given the extreme amount of success he has had with his draft picks, you would expect nothing less. However, the brilliance extends outside of the draft.

Because of his unparalleled ability to evaluate talent, Thompson has managed to find absolute gems right off the street, including Tramon Williams, Sam Shields, and Frank Zombo. It's a rarity, but he has also signed Charles Woodson, Ryan Pickett and Brandon Chillar via free agency.

With quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who is second to nobody, the return of Jermichael Finley, and a Ryan Grant/James Starks combo in the backfield, this offense is poised for triumph. An offense of that caliber combined with our studly defense could cause plenty of lopsided victories in favor of the Packers; barring injuries, of course.

Is this the era of the Green Bay Packers? Will they run the league for the next decade? Who knows? But they are in prime position to dominate, and we could all be witnessing a legendary team right before our very eyes.

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