Detroit Tigers: Five Things Jim Leyland Does That Could Trip Them Up

The Tigers have a lot to be grateful for.

They have the most talented roster, top to bottom, in their division.

They have the best pitcher in baseball.

And they have a four game lead with just over a month left to play.

So why are we such a nervous bunch these days?

Two words: Jim Leyland.

Leyland is the master of worrying the fans. He makes inconceivable moves, and he does them often.

ESPN recently ran an article in which the blogger sumised that Leyland costs the Tigers 10 wins a year with his crazy moves. I would be willing to bet it was much more.

The bottom line is that the Tigers have been gift-wrapped their division and should be up by 10 games by now. But Leyland is making it interesting.

Here are five things that Leyland does that could significantly trip up the Tigers.

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