Deion Sanders: Is Neon Deion The Best Dressed Hall Of Famer Ever?

Deion Sanders Set to Enter Pro Football Hall of Fame; Is He Best Dressed Canton Inductee Ever?

With the news that Deion Sanders is set to get his bust in Canton, at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the debate has begun over whether the man known as "Prime Time" and "Neon Deion" is the greatest cornerback in NFL history. 

But, while that debate is raging, another, more important conflict has appeared beneath the surface. Is Sanders the best dressed Hall of Fame inductee of all time? 

Prime Time is known for his brightly colored suits, and sharp ensembles, and given the Hall's historically ugly mustard-colored jackets, there's little doubt that Sanders has to be in the top five. After all, most football players are not the tailored suit with color-coordinated shirt and tie types; instead, they tend to go for the black suit, white shirt, brightly colored tie look. 

But, Sanders' toughest competition for best-dressed might come from his own induction class: Shannon Sharpe.

Sharpe's made a name for himself off the football field for his lively studio presence, and the former tight end's suits are always tailored and pristine. He's always the best dressed member of CBS' studio team (although, that's not exactly difficult to do), and he gives Sanders a serious run for his money. 

But, in the end, I think Deion pulls out the title, thanks to his color coordinated outfits, and the day he wore this hat on air. 

Congratulations Deion; you've earned this distinction, and definitely deserve the "Canton's best-dressed" title.

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