Darth Vader Commercial: Will It Have The Staying Power to Be an All Time Great?

Darth Vader Commercial Among Super Bowl's Best, But Is It One Of the Best Ever?

Volkswagen was undoubtedly one of the biggest winners of Super Bowl Sunday's commercial wars, thanks to a charming spot featuring a pint-sized Darth Vader trying to hone his skills with The Force. 

Vader tries everything to get his force powers to work, but can't seem to get it right. Just when he's given up hope, Dad gets home. 

The little guy runs outside, not to give dad a hug, but to try his powers one more time on the car. To his astomishment, the car turns over, while in the house, his parents exchange a knowing wink. 

While this was easily one of the best commercials of the day, how does Volkswagen's spot stack up against the all-time greats? Can Vader help them reach the pantheon of Super Bowl commercials, joining Cindy Crawford, the Budweiser frogs, and Mean Joe Greene?

In a word, yes. This commercial is appealing and has the kind of staying power necessary to hang with the big boys. While it's not quite Apple's "1984" ad, it's pretty darned good, and effective, in it's own right. 

All in all, look for this one to be mentioned when talking about the best commercials in Super Bowl history. 

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