College Football Rankings 2011: Predicting the First Loss of All AP Top 25 Teams

WIth the release of the 2011 AP Preseason Poll we're ready for another round of predictions as we head into the season.

This season, unlike the last several, has a wide-open feel to it and the expectation that an underdog could win the national championship is real as ever. 

Oklahoma, Alabama, Oregon, LSU and Boise State might rank 1st through 5th, but none of those teams have the look of a juggernaut. 

Of the five, Oklahoma and Boise are the most likely to finish the regular season undefeated, but equal credit is due to soft schedules as it is to the talent on the roster. 

The SEC as always should be a tight race and this year there doesn't appear to be an undefeated team in the bunch. 

Oregon is the best bet out west, Florida State and Virginia Tech should continue to dominate the ACC, the Big Ten appears to be up for grabs and West Virginia is the favorite coming out of the Big East -- if anyone's keeping track. 

Here's our predictions for the first loss of every AP top 25 team: 

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