College Basketball Handicapping: Best and Worst Teams Off Win or Loss Revealed

Yesterday, we were two letters off. We stated that ESPN’s Chad Millman has renamed to long-standing sports handicapping tool of Margin of Cover as the “sweat meter.” He in fact refers to it as the “sweat barometer.”  By any name, the “Margin of Cover” (+/- how much they did or did not cover by) continues to be a betting weapon.

Now that sports betting experts know the top MOC teams in NCAAB to bet on or against, how about analyzing which teams in college basketball are best and worst off straight up wins and losses?

Cal Poly has been the top “predictably unpredictable” squad as they are one to seven against the spread off a straight up win, but eight to one to the number off a straight up loss.


The Best Teams Off an Outright Win

Team                         Against the spread record

Hawaii                        8-1

George Mason            13-3

Texas                        12-3

Cleveland State          11-3


However, the following teams can’t stand prosperity.

The Best Teams to Bet Against Off a Straight Up Win

Team                         Against the spread record

Miss State                  1-8

Ohio                           1-7

Miami Ohio                 1-7

Southern Illinois          1-7

Cal Poly                     1-7

Michigan State           2-9


Who are the best bounce back teams?

Only two teams have been particularly impressive against the sportsbook odds off a straight up setback.

Team                         Against the spread record

Cal Poly                      8-1

San Francisco             7-1

Conversely, losing is quite contagious for these spread disasters.


The Worst Teams to Bet On—or The Best Teams to Bet Against Off a Straight Up Loss

Team                       Against the spread record

Fordham                    1-8

Texas Tech                1-7

Florida Intl.                1-7

Arkansas State          1-7

San Diego                  3-13


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