Cleveland Browns Free Agency: 6 Undrafted Players for the Browns to Consider

Amid the never-ending, "The lockout is almost over!" rumors, there has been plenty of speculation on which non-restricted free agents the Browns should go after as soon the NFL is back in business. The same goes for potential trade targets. 

What we haven't spend as much time discussing is another possible source for acquiring talent: the undrafted free-agent market. 

The Browns still have plenty of holes to fill before the 2011 season begins, and it's financially unrealistic to think they can fill them all through regular free agency and trade. Thus the appeal of a more economical option like the undrafted free-agent market.

True, there's probably a reason why these guys weren't taken during the NFL draft. But as the proud owners of  former undrafted free agent and team superstar Josh Cribbs, no one knows better than the Browns how very possible it is to find a few hidden gems among this group. 

Following are six undrafted free agents (UDFAs) the Browns may want to take a look at this summer to fill in a few gaps on the roster. Please share your thoughts on other UDFAs who might be able to help the Browns in the comments below!

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