Chelsea Transfer News: Bayern Munich Cool Ribery to Chelsea Deadline Rumor

Chelsea is desperate to land a playmaking midfielder.

Their summer-long attempt to land Luka Modric has officially put them in desperation mode in chase of Manchester United and Manchester City.

The Blues are a solid squad as is, and new boss Andre Villas-Boas has done solid work so far in the transfer window. But like all squads on deadline day, the lure of one more player is almost always too much.

Earlier today news broke of Chelsea making a surprise swoop of French midfielder Franck Ribery. The 28-year-old Bayern Munich star would be a very surprising addition to the West London outfit, but anything is possible.

Chelsea bid £30m for the controversial star, but the German giants wanted no less than £36m.

According to Mirror Football, the German outfit deny these rumours saying, "There has been no offer and it is a complete non-starter."

Despite their reported desire, this is a good thing for the Blues.

Chelsea, who obviously have no financial issues, can afford to pay for whomever they like. But overpaying for Ribery, who is overrated as it is, would be a major mistake.

We've already seen one surprising Bundesliga-Premier League switch, Per Mertesacker to Arsenal, and it would certainly be surprising to see another.

Chelsea are still in for a number other stars as well. With a few hours remaining it would surprise nobody to see them make another attempt elsewhere.

Villas-Boas is still in talks to land Porto's Uruguayan left wing-back Alvaro Pereira. The two sides are still haggling over fees and this could cause the Blues to halt any other moves until they lock it up.

If Bayern Munich says these rumours for Franck Ribery are a "non-starter" then Chelsea needs to leave it alone and focus their efforts elsewhere. Stamford Bridge is better off without the French midfielder.

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