Cardinals vs. Packers: Aaron Rodgers and Offense Need Another Good Showing

The most important thing that Aaron Rodgers and the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers can do is keep improving.

Often times when a team reaches the pinnacle of their sport there tends to be a letdown, and historically the numbers show that it is indeed the case.

Some people know it as the “Super Bowl hangover”, but I just consider it to be a natural human reaction to being the best.

When you achieve your goal the natural reaction is to sit in the moment, enjoy it a little bit longer than you should, and then grow complacent.

The Packers need to avoid that at all costs if they are looking to repeat and win another Super Bowl, and their leader is going to have to be the one to set the tone.

Rodgers and the offense came out last week against the Browns and looked good. He made a few spectacular throws, including a nice touchdown to Greg Jennings down the sideline, but if I’m the Packers I wouldn’t be satisfied with that.

I don’t expect Rodgers and the first team to get a whole lot of reps, but I do expect them to get at least two or three.

They scored a touchdown one out of two series last week. If they want to continue getting better I believe they need to expect to score on two series against the Cardinals.

The Cardinals defense is depleted, so Rodgers and company shouldn’t have any problem moving the ball.

There are always ways to improve and always ways to get better, and the Packers need to continue to do so.

I expect that they will be favorites to repeat this year and win the Super Bowl again, but in order to do so they desperately need to avoid becoming complacent.

Set the tone now, start quick, and get any doubts of a letdown out of the way.

If I’m Packers coach Mike McCarthy, that is exactly the message I would be giving my team this preseason.