Candlestick Park Shooting: San Francisco Sports Suffer Another Tragedy

It's been five months since San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow was viciously beaten into a coma outside Dodgers Stadium.

On Saturday after the preseason game between the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders, San Francisco sports were hit hard again.

In three separate incidents outside Candlestick Park on Saturday, two men were reportedly shot and one man was assaulted inside the stadium's bathroom.

One man wearing "a profane anti-49ers T-shirt" was reportedly shot between two to four times in the stomach. He was able to drive his truck to security guards before stumbling out and being taken to a local hospital. He was in critical condition as of Sunday morning.

Another man with superficial wounds on his face was found in another part of the parking lot. He was in stable condition in the same hospital.

In addition, a 26-year-old man was found beaten unconscious inside Candlestick Park's bathroom. Police reportedly said the man had life-threatening injuries.

When is this going to stop, folks? Has it really come to this? Shooting people in a sports environment?

Sports are so popular because they are a release from the everyday pressures America experiences. They are a means to relief, relief from the same shootings and beatings we see on the local news every day.

We are better than this, folks. A man shouldn't be shot because he's wearing an anti-49ers T-shirt. It's absurd.

In both instances, with Stow and the men at Candlestick Park on Saturday, these were crimes committed within the atmosphere of sports rivalries. The Giants and the Dodgers. The 49ers and Bay Area rival Raiders.

But the fact that people are attacking each other over a sports rivalry is sickening. There will always be the usual bantering and chiding. By no means should it come to blows, let alone life-threatening situations.

People wants to enjoy themselves at sports events. Not get shot.

Since when has a game we loved as kids gotten so out of control?

-Ryan Rudnansky