Brandon Marshall Embarrasses Miami Dolphins by Expecting To Be Ejected vs. Jets

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall's goal for Monday night's game against the New York Jets is to be ejected, which if it happens would be another disaster for a team currently 0-4 and sitting at the bottom of the AFC East.

Marshall has not been a major part of the Dolphins offense this season, and is clearly very frustrated with how the early part of the football season has gone in South Florida.

Via Fox Sports Florida:

"I'll probably get kicked out after the second quarter." Later, Marshall amended that, saying his "goal is to get thrown out midway through the second quarter."

Marshall spent time in Boston during the offseason because of a borderline personality disorder. It's possible that the struggles the Dolphins have had this season could be affecting Marshall off the field, but to expect to be ejected in a game when he has no bad history with the Jets is a bit odd.

Athletes in every sport say a lot of stupid things, but Marshall didn't retract his remarks about being ejected. He wasn't kidding.

"No, I'm not joking," said Marshall, who has caught 22 balls this season for 313 yards. "I'm serious. If they want to fine me, it'll probably be like a $50,000 fine. But I'm going to play. That quarter and a half I'm out there, I'm going to play like a monster. I might get in a fight with (Jets linebacker) Bart Scott. (Jets defensive back Antonio) Cromartie, we pretty much matured our relationship and grew a little bit. We used to fight . . . If that happens, it happens. We'll see."

The Jets do have a ton of players with passionate personalities. Cromartie hasn't been shy in the past about saying rude things about opposing players, and Bart Scott talks a ton of trash on the field.



Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano told the media on Thursday that he wouldn't expect Marshall to do something that would hurt the team.

"I know one thing about that guy, he's not going to do anything to hurt this football team," said Sparano, apparently not planning to play the second half without Marshall. "That's what I know. I know people in that locker room are important to him and this guy has worked really hard… He wants to be more passionate with the ball in his hands and he wants to be more passionate and doing all the things that are necessary to help us win."

Either way you look at his mess, it's an embarrassment to the Dolphins.

Not only is Marshall taking the focus off the team's goal, which is to win the game, people will likely tune in just to see if he fights a Jets player or does something to get ejected.

Brandon Marshall needs to apologize to his teammates and the Miami Dolphins fans for these comments. Expecting to get ejected in any game, especially in front of a national television audience, should not be tolerated.

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