Boise State Football 2011: Broncos Have a Chance to Climb in Rankings This Week

The Boise State Broncos are often criticized for playing a weak schedule and they shouldn't have a chance to play in the National Championship because of it. Boise is currently ranked No.5 in the country and they have a chance to climb up even higher after this week.

The teams ahead of the Broncos have a tough task ahead of them this week.

The LSU Tigers play a difficult game against the Florida Gators. Although the Gators are missing their starting quarterback in John Brantley they do still have two speedster running backs and a top defense that only allows two touchdowns a game. 

Oklahoma also has a tough game against the Texas Longhorns who run the ball well and play great defense. The Sooners are a great team but so is Texas and they are more than capable of pulling off the upset in a rivalry game.

Alabama against Vanderbilt is no easy task either as they have a very underrated defense that is more than capable of giving the Crimson Tide fits. Don't know if they'll be able to score points themselves but with solid play they could keep things close.

Of course the Broncos have to focus on the task at hand with Fresno State in to tonight's game but if some of the teams ahead of them slip, Boise will rise.

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