Best Super Bowl Predictions: Cross Sports Prop Bets

Best Super Bowl Predictions: Cross Sports Prop Bets 2011

There is a separate category of prop bets that is always fun to look at. Those prop bets compare the Super Bowl to other Super Bowl Sunday sporting events from the NHL, NBA and even College Basketball.

Here is the list of Cross Sports Prop Bets:

Aaron Rodgers completion percentage against Dwight Howard free throw percentage

Aaron Rodgers completions against Dwyane Wade points

James Harrison tackles and assists against LeBron James assists

Emanuel Sanders receptions against Rajon Rondo steals

Ben Roethlisberger completions against Paul Pierce points

Andrew Quarless receiving yards against Jared Sullinger (Ohio State) points

Heath Miller receptions against Ben Hansbrough (Notre Dame) assists

Ben Roethlisberger touchdown passes against Sidney Crosby points

Aaron Rodgers touchdown passes against Alex Ovechkin points

Brandon Jackson rushing and receiving yards against Carey Price saves

Some interesting stuff there. I especially like the Rodgers completion percentage against Howard free throw percentage bet but if I had to bet on one of these props I would probably go with Dwyane Wade points over Rodgers competitions. The Heat are playing against the Clippers on Sunday and Wade could go off against Los Angeles. The odds aren’t great, but I think Wade could go for 40 points in that game.

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