Ben Stiller Gets His Zoolander On, Builds School To Teach Haitian Kids To Read Good

Ben Stiller Artist For Justice And Peace Haiti

"Almost finished school. Amazing progress. And not a Center for Ants."

Did you know Ben Stiller has been grinding for Haiti on the low since the earthquake hit last January?

Today, life imitated art when he tweeted these pictures of a school he’s been helping to build in Haiti, and made a little Zoolander jokey-joke.

The school is in Ceverine, Haiti, located west of Port-au-Prince in the Plateau Central. Stiller is working with a group called Artists for Peace And Justice.

Artists for Peace and Justice School Ceverine Haiti

Baseball team at Artists for Peace and Justice school.This school was a field 5 months ago.

Check them out here to learn more and support.

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