Atlanta Man Turns Down NFL Job To Be….A Train Conductor!?!?!?

How many aspiring athletes do you know that would turn down an NFL gig and $18,000 a week? Well that’s exactly what Keith Fitzhugh did tuesday when the New York Jets called him, as he decided he’d rather keep his current job as a train conductor.

Contemplating the offer, Fitzhugh, 24, thought about the steady job he had landed three months ago, as a Norfolk Southern railroad conductor, a position he loves.

He thought about his family, about leaving behind his disabled father and hard-working mother.

He thought about the three times that NFL teams previously released him.

And Fitzhugh said no.

That sounds like he made that decision pretty quick, we would have at least slept on it, damn…

“I have buddies with two degrees who can’t find a job,” he said.

“You can’t play [football] when you’re 40 or 50 or 60 years old,” Fitzhugh said. “But you can get on a train and you can ride.”

Good point brotha, you definitely did the right thing. Can’t turn down no fa’ sho’ money for no “hope so” money. Play on playa…


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