AP Poll College Football 2011: One Quick Thought on No. 10 Nebraska

Joining the Big Ten is More Nebraska's Style

As difficult as it’s going to see the Big 12 without the Nebraska Cornhuskers, their move into the Big Ten is a good one.

For one, the Big Ten plays Nebraska football.

Meaning, they pound the rock until the football is deemed unusable.

The Big 12, although a great conference, is not the Cornhuskers’ style, as they air it out a lot more.

All that said, it’s going to be an exciting year in the newly aligned Big Ten, and watching the Cornhuskers’ led by QB Taylor Martinez, will be a treat.

To begin, they get all three schools who shared the 2010 Big Ten title, in Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Michigan State.

And, they open up conference play on the road in Madison.

So, welcome to the Big Ten Nebraska.

In addition, they play Michigan and Penn State on the road in consecutive weeks to close out the season.

It’s a really tough schedule, but don’t be shocked if you see the ‘Huskers playing in their third consecutive conference championship game.

Head coach Bo Pelini has them headed in an excellent direction, and the AP is very well aware of his efforts.

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