Andre Iguodala Dunk Video: Watch the Sixers Star Throw It Down on Denver

Andre Iguodala dunk video is on the Internet, and like we’ve come to expect from the Philadelphia star over the years, it’s a beauty.

The Sixers are a scrappy young team that has kept it close all year long but has struggled to put teams away when it mattered.

Iguodala is the centerpiece of this team despite trade rumors that have circled around him for the past couple of months.

Here, the Denver defense gives Iguodala a lane, and that’s the worst thing you can do. He takes the seam and just jams it down on the defense.

I think playing with Team USA did wonders for Iguodala, as we saw his true role as a second banana to a bigger star. He did well with Kevin Durant over the summer, and if he can ever get in that situation, I think we’ll see him thrive in that role.

But for now, he’s doing a great job of helping a young Sixers team come along. A lot of credit also has to go Doug Collins’ way, as he has put faith in his young guys, and it has paid off. He’s got a great bench, and the future is looking much brighter for Philadelphia.

It’s a shame that no one goes to see the Sixers play because they have some young, fun players to watch. Hopefully the improving results help bring some more fans in.

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