ACLU: Another Injury Strikes a High-Profile Athlete at Purdue

This is truly becoming déjà vu at Purdue. The season is around the corner for us, with a moderate sense of excitement, only to be struck down by what is starting to become too recurring, another ACL injury. Rob Henry, who was expected to be named the starter for the first home game against Middle Tennessee State, was taken down by an ACL tear on Wednesday at practice. Henry, who showed a lot of promise of running the offense under Danny Hope, shows the most promise for the future to the Purdue football team.

The hope to salvage the season now is largely on the shoulders of former Miami quarterback Robert Marve. Marve, who had his season cut short last year because of an ACL tear, is now back in the starting role. While the whole nation is putting its eyes on his former team, who is under huge scrutiny about the allegations about paying upwards of 70 players? Speculation may say that Marve might have been one of those, but for the matters of Purdue and his eligibility, he is unaffected and will be completely clear to play week one. 

While this is not the way that the Boiler Nation expected the season to start, we shouldn't give up on this team too soon. The return of Ralph Bolden in the backfield and another year of maturity to the young receivers should give optimism for a bowl bid still this season.

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