Aaron Rodgers: Green Bay QB Is Ready To Win It All Again

Aaron Rodgers Believes The Packers Can Repeat

Aaron Rodgers has had a long road to the top of his profession, but now he's there and he's ready to do whatever he has to do to stay on top.

Rodgers had to suffer being passed on by the San Francisco 49ers before finally being drafted by the Green Bay Packers. Then he had to sit behind Brett Favre, who had to be forcibly ejected from Green Bay a few years ago.

Rodgers playoff run was phenomenal, throwing for nine touchdowns this postseason. The Packers overcame a huge amount of injuries to get where they are today, and the example they set for the rest of the league is one every team should be looking at.

The Packers believed Favre's best days were behind him and turned to Rodgers as the future of the franchise. That decision took a lot of guts, and there are a lot of other franchises that would've let Favre run things in Green Bay given his record and popularity at the point in time where the decision was made.

Rodgers got where he is now through hard work and perseverance. He has had his trial by fire and come out better for it. The Packers now are primed to be a dynasty this decade, and should be even better in 2011.

Rodgers got his first Super Bowl ring, you can bet he's going to want a lot more.

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