Aaron Rodgers: Green Bay Packers Quarterback on the Cusp of Greatness

Aaron Rodgers Looking to Buck the Specter of Brett Favre

It's not easy replacing a legend. Players from every sport can vouch for something like this, and there is unfortunately a rather large collection of poor souls who failed to establish themselves as able replacements.

The good news is that there are players like Mickey Mantle and Carl Yastrzemski in baseball, and Steve Young in the NFL. And if Aaron Rodgers leads the Green Bay Packers to victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV tomorrow, we can go ahead and add his name to the mix as well.

Indeed, it has been stressed quite often over the last week that there only two quarterbacks in the history of the team that have brought home a Super Bowl victory: the great Bart Starr, and the recently-retired Brett Favre.

Between the two of them, it is Favre's name that is most often mentioned alongside Rodgers'. Obviously, this is because this is the man from whom Rodgers took the reins back in 2008 amid some controversy. The transition was probably overdue, but Favre's inability to let go of his Packers legacy made it seem poorly timed.

Three years later, this is no longer the case. Rodgers has established himself as one of, if not the best quarterback in all of the NFL, and all the teams that passed on him back in the 2005 NFL Draft are ruing the day.

Nevertheless, Rodgers is not on top of the world quite yet. And he won't be until he hoists the Lombardi Trophy, which will finally brush away the specter of Brett Favre once and for all.

If not this year, the good news is that you can rest assured that Rodgers is probably going to be great for years to come. It is, as they say, just a matter of time.

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