6 Recently Released Players the New York Giants Should Consider Signing

The NFL roster cuts are officially over, and around the league several players are looking for work. Are there any players worth signing for the New York Giants?

With the recent slue of injuries to the corners, the front office will likely be paying attention to see if any worthwhile corners are available.

The Giants caught a break from Roger Goodell when he allowed them to keep five extra players than everyone else because they lost practices due to Hurricane Irene, so in the near future they might actually be focused on who to cut than who to pick up.

This list of players is by no means a prediction of players who would all of a sudden join the roster. Obviously they got cut from their teams for a reason.

Some of them are just names I recognize from covering the draft in years past, and could be worth a look for the Giants.

(If you're wondering why I chose Duke Calhoun for the photo, he was recently released by the Giants)

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