2011 US Open Golf: Rory McIlroy Not Slowing Down in U.S. Open

2011 US Open Golf Sees Rory McIlroy Refusing to Slow Down in Round 3

The 2011 Masters showed us two things about 22-year-old Rory McIlroy: one, he was an up-and-coming threat in golf, and, two, he still had work to do.

In the first three rounds of the Masters, McIlroy had command of the tournament, ending the third day with a 12-under par.

But the fourth and final round saw McIlroy shoot an 8-over par and finish the tournament tied for 15th place.

Thus far in the 2011 U.S. Open, McIlroy is making a point not to finish like that again, erasing doubts that he can close a major.

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He hasn't scored as well on Saturday as he did the first two rounds of the tournament, but he's still shot under par and made some magnificent shots on the course.

He clearly isn't feeling the pressure, at least not yet.

He's commanded the first three rounds of the Open more so than he did at the Masters, and that's saying a lot. Not only is McIlroy one of the emerging names in golf, he's showing that he's developing, which should be scary for the rest of the field.

It's going to be hard for McIlroy to lose this tournament, but how he plays on Sunday will still be a good indication of where he's at since that devastating loss in the Masters. Winners don't let up at the end; they finish strong.