2011 PPR Fantasy Football Sleepers: Quarterbacks

It can take time for even the top talents at the quarterback position to arrive at a level of growth in their career that they are ready to be possible starters in fantasy football leagues. Not only does a quarterback need to understand his offense inside and out, but he needs the right pieces around him to allow for success in every aspect of the passing attack.

Below I have selected those quarterbacks I feel are undervalued sleepers coming into the 2011 fantasy football season, and I’ve included their up to date ADP values as taken from Mock Draft Central and Fantasy Football Calculator, for both PPR and standard redraft leagues. This way you can get an idea of where each runner is falling in recent mock drafts, and in understanding this you can start to set your game plan up for those options below, figure out who you want to target, and determine where you believe you can get them.


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Matt Ryan

MDC FFC (12 tm)
PPR League ADP Value 107.24 66.1
Standard Redraft ADP Value 103.62 62.5

The Falcons are ready to cut Matt Ryan lose and let him turn this offense loose as an aggressive pass—first group. With rookie Julio Jones set as a breakout deep threat, Atlanta finally has the missing piece in the passing game that they needed a year ago, and getting Harry Douglas back from injury is a nice addition as well. Look for Michael Turner to still be in the mix, but Ryan, who is now in his forth year, is going to be the main player this offense runs through from this point on.

At this point, you can get Ryan as a late top ten to twelve option at quarterback, and if you plan on waiting as one of the last owners in your league to draft a quarterback, this is a great player to acquire. Expect Ryan to jump up to close to 30 touchdowns and over 4,000 yards passing this season.

Matthew Stafford

MDC FFC (12 tm)
PPR League ADP Value 117.20 91.5
Standard Redraft ADP Value 105.09 95.6

If not for injury problems last year, we might be talking about Matthew Stafford as a possible top five fantasy quarterback this summer. That’s saying a mouthful when you take a look at the first seven quarterbacks on everybody’s cheat sheets this summer (Romo, Vick, Rodgers, Brady, Rivers, Manning, Brees) but the Lions were one of the top-scoring offenses in the NFC last year without Stafford.

After looking good in preseason, Stafford will be a starting quarterback in ten team leagues, but can be had at a top twelve price on draft day. I would probably go with Ryan just before Stafford, but if you’re waiting on a quarterback, it would be a good idea to grab both. Stafford is a health risk, but he’s clearly undervalued for the talent he has around him, and with this offensive production, we know this group can produce.

Sam Bradford

MDC FFC (12 tm)
PPR League ADP Value 140.5 106.8
Standard Redraft ADP Value 129.55 103.3

I still believe Sam Bradford needs another year before we see him break the 25 touchdown mark, but he will go over 4,000 yards passing. While I think that offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is a nut job, the guy knows passing offense and can get the most out of the talent he has to coach up. Bradford is going to be a great quarterback and in his division, and he might be an option worth starting right away in twelve team leagues.

Joe Flacco

MDC FFC (12 tm)
PPR League ADP Value 118.35 117.1
Standard Redraft ADP Value 113.89 111.9

While many were disappointed in Joe Flacco last season, I wasn’t all that surprised he wasn’t a top ten fantasy quarterback because the man had no legit deep threat. It was nice to see Baltimore add Torrey Smith in the second round of the draft, but after the first preseason game, it was clear the rookie wasn’t ready to start. Enter Lee Evans and this offense has changed in one fell swoop.

Evans provides the Ravens with exactly what they need, and this offense gives Evans the structure he’s been missing, and his first chance to thrive since he had Eric Moulds and Drew Bledsoe in Buffalo. Many will sleep on Flacco but make sure you snag him as a backup for your squad this summer.

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