2011 Nike Pro Combat Unis: Nike Picked Wrong Time to Dress Up Ohio State

Ohio State has the distinction of being a select school to dawn a new uniform during the season. It is too bad that nothing Nike does will be able to remove the giant stain on the Buckeyes football program. 

By now, we have all grown quite accustomed to what the Ohio State Buckeyes season will be. Simply, if it is not a disastrous one, it will be surprising. 

Do to sanctions, self-imposed and other wise, many of the top players will sit the first five games of the season. Add to that, a shifting of paradigms to new coach, Luke Fickell.

There will be an odd moment when the Ohio State program is blessed with a fresh new look. Nike has selected a few schools to wear the 2011 iteration of the Pro Combat uniform. 

They have promised the jerseys to be made of cutting-edge material. Buckeyes players will be amazed at how light, yet how durable the uniform will be.

They will also have a look that will spark the fanbase during what should be an interesting season. There has not been any specifics on what the uniforms will look like. You can imagine that they will stay as close as possible to the proud program tradition. 

The curtain will come down on the jerseys some time in the next few weeks. Ohio State will then use them in a game on October 29th against Wisconsin. 

At that time, the season will either be saved from the treacherous actions of players that were once under Jim Tressel's watch, or it will be the giant fiasco we all think it will be. 

Either way, there is nothing that Nike can do to save this program. They could add all the technology and swagger that they have under lock in their facilities, and this program would still come off looking drab. 

This once program is really being hit hard by the scourge of scandal. You know that you are in a bad way when Nike can't even save you.