2011 NFL Supplemental Draft Results: Terrelle Pryor Will Fail as QB

Terrelle Pryor was not a bad pick. Yes, he's a gamble, but that's the case with any third round draft pick. Actually, it's the case with any draft pick.

The fact that it's the Raiders making the pick is what's drawing most of the criticism here. That's fair enough, as that franchise had made plenty of head scratching moves, but this pick was just not bad.

But now the word is out that Pryor, his agent, and the Raiders all consider him a quarterback.

That's a problem.

In recent years, we have seen a lot of players that quarterbacks on division one teams turn into good receivers in the NFL.

The most notable example in Hines Ward, but we also have Antwaan Randle El and Brad Smith to look at as examples as college quarterbacks that have found success in the NFL. There are others.

Not all college systems do a good job of giving their quarterback NFL training.

While the Raiders have an uncertain quarterbacking situation, Pryor's size, speed, and skills make him more likely to succeed as a receiver, or even a fast tight end.

Pryor can be an impact player faster than some believe if he’s put in the right situation. Yes, he would need to learn a new position, but he’s going to need to do that anyway.

No, if he goes from Ohio State’s quarterback to the Raiders’ quarterback, the name of the position won’t change. Everything else about the position will be dramatically different.

People need to get off of Oakland’s back. They drafted a gifted athlete with a third round pick.

JaMarcus Russell was an unquestioned No. 1 overall pick, and he turned in to a disaster. It happens.

Pryor may experience similar struggles, but he’s no more of a gamble than whoever next year’s third round pick would have been.

But as a quarterback, he won’t succeed. The Raiders need to follow the example of successful franchises and turn him into a receiver or tight end. With that, Pryor has his best chance at success.