2011 NFL Predictions: Aaron Rodgers Will Win League MVP in 2011

Aaron Rodgers is currently the best quarterback in the national football league.

You can dispute it and you can argue it, but the stats don’t lie, and neither does his performance.

That being said, even if you were to take away his statistics he would still be one of the top contenders for the award.

There is something very uncanny about Rodgers, and I’m convinced that it’s a quality that only the great ones have.

We talk about Michael Jordan having that intangible “it factor”, and I believe that is the very same thing that Rodgers possesses.

Watch his eyes the next time they show you slow motion replay of one of his throws.

No matter the pressure, no matter the moment, and no matter the spot light his eyes always look the same.

They are cool, collected and always up.

That is exactly what you want to see out of your quarterback, but unfortunately not all of them know how to do it.

Poise under pressure is an attribute that can’t be discussed enough when talking about a quarterback and Rodgers amongst the best in the category.

He is proficient at getting the ball out of his hands at the right moment, and if he can’t, he possesses great legs and scrambling ability.

Once a quarterback gets out of the pocket that is where the normally end up breaking form and either throwing it away, making a bad throw, or running for a few yards.

This is where Rodgers separates himself from the rest of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL.

His ability to make throws while outside of the pocket is unmatched right now, and his decision making is near perfect.

Even more so, the Packers have catered their playbook to his running style, so his wide receivers are usually in great position.

Rodgers was one of the best quarterbacks in the league last year, and he had one of the best post season runs ever by a quarterback.

I expect that the Packers will be right there in the Super Bowl discussion again at the end of 2011, and that Rodgers will continue to improve.

Aaron Rodgers will be the NFL MVP in 2011.

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