2011 NFL Combine: Union Talking Boycott, No Decisions Made

As Labor Talks Break Down, Union Wants Combine, Draft Boycotts

It's getting pretty cold around the NFLPA offices right now. As winter thaws everywhere else, the union is going full throttle into labor unrest mode, talking boycotts and other such nonsense.

None of this gets a deal done, by why quibble over facts?

The owners have made their stance and they do not look like they are ready to budge in the slightest. The only difference between the owners and the players at this point is the owners appear willing to talk.

We can argue that point, but the players are the ones performing most of the drama. Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson aside, the owners have been trying to keep this professional.

The Combine is where a lot of the college prospects will get their name heard and where they'll get some recognition. Skipping the Combine doesn't do them any good. They can't be part of the NFLPA if they don't get picked in the draft or signed after the fact.

The week before the Super Bowl, things looked like they were moving in the right direction. Now everything got ugly. Not only is a lockout looking almost certain at this point, it looks like it will stretch into the Spring and possibly affect the 2011 season.

That's a failure on both sides part, and if any side tries to claim otherwise, pay no attention and move on with your life.

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