2011 NBA Mock Draft: Kyrie Irving holds onto the top spot

The latest news from league sources is that the Cavaliers are trying to acquire the second overall pick from Minnesota according to ESPN’s Chris Broussard.

Cleveland would still keep the number one overall pick, but the franchise would also receive Minnesota’s selection at pick two as well. This would allow the Cavaliers to select Duke point guard Kyrie Irving as well as Arizona forward Derrick Williams.

It is uncertain if that deal will become a reality, but either way the Cavaliers are still expected to select point guard Kyrie Irving with the number one pick.

Cleveland has solid depth at the point guard position. Baron Davis still a serviceable playmaker, and Ramon Sessions is a quality young prospect.

The franchise cannot pass on Irving though. He is one of the few “franchise” talents in what is a very weak draft class. Kyrie can immediately help the franchise as a rookie, and is a much better long-term prospect than Davis or Sessions.

Kyrie Irving will serve as the face of a Cavaliers franchise that is desperately lacking an identity.

1. Cleveland- Kyrie Irving (Duke)

2. Minnesota-

3. Utah-

4. Cleveland-

5. Toronto-

6. Washington-

7. Sacramento-

8. Detroit-

9. Charlotte-

10.  Milwaukee-

11.  Golden State-

12.  Utah-

13.  Phoenix-

14.  Houston-

15.  Indiana-

16.  Philadelphia-

17.  New York-

18.  Washington-

19.  Charlotte-

20.  Minnesota-

21.  Portland-

22.  Denver-

23.  Houston-

24.  Oklahoma City-

25.  Boston-

26.  Dallas-

27.  New Jersey-

28.  Chicago-

29.  San Antonio-

30.  Chicago-

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