WWE: Will John Cena Take Time Off After Summerslam?

WWE Champion John Cena Dealing With Some Injuries, But Continues To Fight Through Them

Given the lack of star power on the WWE roster right now, the last thing that the company can afford to have happen is any major star – of which there are really only two – going down with injury for a prolonged period of time.

It turns out that the biggest star in the company, John Cena, is in a very fragile state right now. According to Wrestling Observer, WWE Champion John Cena is said to be beaten up far worse than is being let on. Cena is reportedly suffering from neck, hip and elbow problems.

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As much as fans, myself included, rag on Cena for being a behind the scenes corporate suck-up who doesn’t know how to work a match to save his life, the thought of WWE without him right now is really scary.

He is the only star with a commanding presence and the charisma to go along with it. His promos suck, but he tries really hard to get them over. His work in the ring seems to have taken a few steps back from when he was working good matches in 2007.

The injuries aren’t at the point where he will miss any television time, but you can bet that if he is as banged up as it sounds it won’t be long before he needs time off.

If he does take time off, it won’t be until after Summerslam, which is the second biggest show of the year, when he is expected to drop the title to Alberto Del Rio.

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