The Truth About Trading In Games At Gamestop

Posted: 22nd March 2010 by Jay in News, Technology
Tags: gamestop, Truth About Trading In Games

As an avid gamer i will sometimes beat a game and want to trade it in, maybe for a new game or even for cash back. People who use Gamestop for trade ins and buying used goods are point blank getting robbed retail style. For instance msrp of a new Ps3 game is $59.99 plus tax when you it trade in they automatically give you $25.00 store credit 20% less for cash (granted you traded the game in within 2 weeks).  A  ps3 120gb slim model is $299.99 plus tax. Gamestop will give you roughly 125.00 for the system store credit as long as you have everything it came with. Ask for cash they give you 20% less do the math!!!!! Me myself i have resorted to ebay and craigslist and have gotten back close to all my money from things i no longer enjoy. If more and more people would understand the corporate world and not give in then maybe they would increase the value of what they give us “consumers” until then F*ck Gamestop…..for trade ins of course



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